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Mobite Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş.  (Jacca ) processes personal data and uses internet cookies in order to provide a better usage experience to its visitors in accordance with the legal rights of privacy and protection of personal data of the visitors of the ‘’ website (Website).

This Cookie Policy (“Cookie Policy”) specifically explains to all visitors, members and users of the Web Site (“Visitors”) what kinds of cookies are used under what terms as well as what kinds of personal data are used for what purposes and through what means pursuant to the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698, GDPR and any other applicable legislation. Further principles on processing personal data being collected and processed after becoming a member/User of the Web Site are explained   in the Data Protection  Notice        in detail, and this Cookie Policy takes effect and becomes valid along with the   Data Protection Notice      .

For the avoidance of doubt, this Cookie Policy shall be applicable irrespective of the technologies, means and methods of connection to the Web Site. You are therefore recommended to read this  Cookie Policy carefully and  keep a copy for future reference. You will be deemed to have read, acknowledged and accepted the Cookie Policy   and have given consent to processing of your personal data within limited purposes set out in this Cookie Policy  when you access to, browse on and make use of the Web Site in any manner whatsoever.   If you disagree with the use of personal or non-personal data, you are required not to access to this Web Site and also not to proceed after this step.


If you are under 18, you are required to visit our Web Site under parental guidance. You should not make use of the Web Site and/or share your personal data without parental guidance.

What is a Cookie and for What Purpose(s) Is It Used?

A Cookie is a small packet of data storage installed on your PC, mobile phone, tablet or other portable devices when connected to internet. The packet keeps your logins and other similar piece of information. Cookies remember log files,  clear gifs   and/or data collected through third part sources when you visit the Web Site through the connected device(s). From this aspect, cookies are needed and significant for personalised experience and efficient use of the Web Site.

Depending on type, cookies usually collect data for your browsing and using choices on the device with which you connect to the Web Site. The data may contain pages you access to, services and products that you check and surf on the Web Site.

Main purpose of using cookies is;

*   to offer a more personalised experience on the Web Site by way of collecting certain technical data,

*   to enable the Company to collect details as to how you prefer and are used to browsing through and making use of the Web Site,

*   to collect personal data such as your IP address so that the Company fulfils its legal obligations and contractual liabilities pursuant to Turkish Law Number 5651 on Regulating Broadcasting in the Internet and Fighting Against Crimes Committed Through Internet Broadcasting as well as the related secondary legislation,    

*   to offer you better services, products or recommendations on the Web Site and also on third parties’ web sites.

What   Kind of Data Does Jacca Process by Using Cookies and for What Purpose(s) Are They Processed?

        When you accept the Cookie Policy and visit the Web Site, Jacca collects, processes, shares with third parties and keeps safely the following data provided none of such data shall be used for any other purpose specified in this Cookie Policy:

We may process the following personal data even though you are not a member:

*  Name and Surname,

*  Address,

*  Invoice Details,

*  E-mail,

*  GSM Number,

*  IP address,

*  Location Details,

*   Preference(s) of browsing through and using the Web Site.

When you complete the membership procedures and become registered a member to the Web Site, we may processes, in addition to the foregoing, your data contained in Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.    

Information about cookies that we will be using in order to collect your data will be provided on a pop-up window when you log in the Web Site/mobile site for the first time or when you download the mobile application on your mobile phone or tablet.  

Jacca  uses the data;

*  to remember your preference  and choice for personalised experienced on the Web Site.
Usage contains cookies:

1.       that save your password(s) and keep you logged in on the Web Site to help you avoid entering your password on each visit, and

2.        that remember and recognise you when you visit the Web Site at a later time.

*     to determine how you choose to make use of the Web Site, including tracing how you connect to it, which context you view and how much time you spent on it,

*  * to come up with  relevant ads and promotions for your field of interest. This, in turn, helps the Company offer you personalised campaigns and services with more relevant contexts; does not display contexts or opportunities you dislike; matches data obtained through cookies with personal data collected.

*   * When you are using our Web Site, we may use your IP address to identify server-related issues and to administer our Web Site. Also, your IP address may be used in helping us to identify you as long as you are logged in, and in collecting extensive demographics.


When you are browsing through the internet, electronic data leaves a trace on each web site that you are visiting. Also known as “clickstream”, the data may be collected and stored by an internet site server. Clickstream data may tell us about your browser software, type of your PC,   and address of the internet site that you visit for accessing Jacca  web site, and your e-mail address in certain cases. We may make use of clickstream data in order to determine the time the visitors spend on the web page, how the visitors surf and browse on the web site and what we can do to better adapt the Web Site to the satisfaction of needs and requests. The data are used in order to improve  “”   experience only. Clickstream data are collected and stored anonymously and collectively, and do not contain any personal data.

What Kind of Cookies Are Used and How Do We Use Them?

We use different types of cookies on the Web Site. These are cookies that are compulsory to be used for running the Web Site, functional cookies, analytics cookies, and ads cookies.

Compulsory Cookies:   They are absolutely necessary for running the Web Site properly. They are needed for system administration and preventing fake attempts. If compulsory cookies are disabled, the Web Ste cannot operate.

Functional Cookies:   They are used for easier and more personalised experience as they, for instance, remember your previous preferences, and help you have easier access to video and social media content on the Web site. You may opt out of using functional cookies by following the steps explained below.

Analytics Cookies:   They analyse and help us understand the way you make use of the  Web Site  so that we interact with you for improving the Web Site. You may opt out of using functional cookies by following the steps explained below.

Ads Cookies:   They help us identify and serve you with contexts, inclusive of ads that you may also like. You may opt out of using ads cookies by following the steps explained below. Please note that opting out of ads cookies will not totally disable ads but will only display general and regular ads instead of the ones that you may find interesting.

The following cookies are being used on the Web Site:

*    Google Analytics

*  Sendgrid

*  Facebook

*  Google Ad Services

You may visit the following links for further information about cookies used on the Web Site.  )      )      )      )

Your identity may be matched/associated with your specific details and/or membership history in order to offer promotions and marketing offers apt to your choice and requests, to come up with personalised publicity, improve web site content accordingly and/or identify your preferences; therefore your path on the Web Site and/or membership history is monitored.

For instance, data collected from you, inclusive of online and offline data, may be, from time to time, matched/associated through different means. We may make use of such data in combination with other data obtained from other sources- third parties included. To do this, outsourcing companies that provide us with marketing services in addition to other business operations, and carefully selected suppliers and business partners may also share such data if and when required. For the avoidance of doubt, the afore-cited match and use initiative will be used for the purposes and within the limits of this Policy only.

How   Does Jacca Use Third-Party Cookies for Ads and Re-Targeting?

The Web Site uses both first-party and third-party cookies in order to collect data, to remember your spheres of interest and demographics, to offer targeted ads, to improve ads, and to determine frequency of visits, number of ads impression, alternative use of ads services as well as the ratio between ads impression and interactions relating to ads services.

Targeting and tracing cookies are used on the Web Site in order to help third parties to render services- ads services in particular- and to improve efficiency of services. Cookies remember the web sites and pages that you visit, and collect personal data, particularly IP address of the user device(s).

To help us offer optional ads, these technologies make use of information about your previous visit to our Web Site and also to third-party pages we place an ad with.

When offering these ads, a specific third-party cookie may be stored on your browser to enable us to recognise you, or your browser may allow in a cookie like that.    This site also makes use of Google Analytics, which is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”).   Google Analytics uses cookies in order to help analysing how visitors browse through. Information about your way of using the web site (your IP address also included) will be transmitted by Google to its own servers in the United States, and will be stored on serves by Google, which will be relying on such information to evaluate use of the web site on your part, to compile reports on internet site activity and to provide other services relating to internet site activity and use, whereas your IP address will not be associated with any other Data in its possession. You may visit the following link for further details on Google Analytics, including details for terminating use.

Third-Party Add-On/Links:

The Web Site benefits from social add-on that enable connection to social networks, namely, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube; and it may contain links to other third-party internet sites, all or part of which might be also using cookies.       The Web Site benefits from social add-on that enable connection to social networks, namely, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube; and it may contain links to other third-party internet sites, all or part of which might be also using cookies. When you visit the Web Site and use the add-ons, the Web Site directly connects to the social network server that is being selected. After that, content provided by the add-on is transmitted to your web browser directly from social networks, and is added to the web site being visited. In this way, social network in question may have access to and process your data, and combine them with data associated with your account on that social network.

This Cookie Policy does not contain or otherwise cover any third-party internet sites subject to privacy and cookies policies of their own. You are reminded that we have neither any influence in or control over the scope of data processed by social networks and third-party internet sites through their own add-ons. For further information about the purpose, method and term of processing your personal data, it is important that you carefully read the policies on personal data processing published by social networks in question.

How Can You Disable Cookies?

Although using cookies helps the Web Site offer better services, you may disable cookies if you like. Then again, keep in mind that the Web Site fails to function to the full and you cannot enjoy all features that would have been otherwise offered. To disable cookies, you need to change your internet browser settings. Also note that settings vary by device that you own and by internet browser that you are using. Follow the steps below to disable cookies on different internet browsers:

Internet Explorer

* Open Desktop and click on the Internet Explorer symbol on toolbar.    

* Click on Tools button and then select Internet Options.         

*             Select the Privacy tab, and then set the slider upwards -it is below Settings- to block all cookies. Finally click on OK.


*  Select Chrome menu symbol   .

* Select   “Settings” .

* Select Show Advanced Settings towards bottom of the page.        

* Select Content Settings in “Privacy” section.        

*   And then select Block Sites From Setting Any Data.  

*  Select Finish  

Many other details as to how you can block or disable cookies on other web browsers and clear cookies on all web sites that you visited are available at   

The Web Site may share collected personal data with third parties with or without adequate level of protection either at home or abroad.   By accepting this Cookie Policy,  you agree, acknowledge and consent that your personal data may be shared with third parties and transmitted abroad.

Rights of Data Subject

Jacca, acting in its capacity of a Data Operator, processes your personal data when you visit the Web Site.   Pursuant to Article 11 of the Turkish Personal Data Protection Law Number 6698 and GDPR, data subjects have the right to: 

*   a) learn whether their personal data have been processed,

*  b) if processed, to request information as to processing,

*   c) learn the purpose of processing personal data an whether such data are used in compliance with the purpose,

*  d  ) learn the third parties to whom personal data are/have been transmitted at home and/or abroad

*   e) demand correction if processed inaccurately /incorrectly,

*   f) demand destruction/deletion in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in Article 7 of the Law,

*   g) demand that 3rd parties to whom personal data are/have been transmitted are notified of and informed about the process as per afore-cited articles (d) and (e),

*   h) object to unfavourable circumstances likely to occur as personal data are analysed exclusively by automatic systems,

*    i) claim indemnities for damages incurred due to unlawful processing.


Contact Us

You may contact us by post in writing at  Yenibosna Merkez Mahallesi Prof. Dr. M. Nevzat Pisak Cd. No: 8 Bahçelievler/Istanbul,  or alternatively by e-mailing to [email protected] for any questions about the Cookie Policy,  Yenibosna    inquiries about your personal data collected and processed when you accept the Cookie Policy by visiting the web Site,  and exercise of   foregoing    rights.