Terms of Use



General Terms


1-  Users are the ones that will evaluate a place, personnel and/or service provided in service industry. Having downloaded Jacca Application on their smart phone and/or visiting the web site, the users will be asked to evaluate service provision, place and personnel on Jacca Platform by asking question asked to them through the platform.


2-  Users will be evaluating performance of members engaged in the service industry based on the levels of quality for and satisfaction from the service provision. According to this, evaluation will be similar to "Complaints & Recommendations", a common practice in service industry, but the scope of evaluation will only be limited to the service personnel, and it relies on polling system.


3-  Jacca is obliged to retain and prevent misuse of personal data available at private accounts that the Users will be asked to create simply by using their e-mail, name and surname before proceeding to evaluations on the platform. Technical content of accounts will be nothing like that of social networking sites; and the content will merely relate to members evaluating/answering questions for service provision and/or Jacca service quality. Users may not use application account apart from the area of activity.


4-  Jacca is at liberty to reward Users through different means based on level of participation and titles deemed fit for them by Jacca, launch customised campaigns for Users, and share Users' data on the platform with outsourcing companies of campaigns and rewards. Jacca denies commitments or undertakings to reward Users, and it s solely authorised to designate method of rewarding. For the avoidance of doubt, Users may not make any claims to or demand any rights or liabilities from Jacca to this effect. In addition to this, opportunities, campaigns and discounts to be offered to Users through Jacca Platform fully rest within the sphere of responsibility of the outsourcing company that take care of campaign and/or discount. For this reason, Users may not make claims to and/or demands from Jacca.


5-  Users will be asked to score by using four smiley faces as set forth in Jacca  application. Users will be able to see Jacca  Profiles of members they will be giving points to, and will also be informed about final score status.


6-  User will accept in advance that Jacca will have access to User's phone and/or tablet by e-mailing or through the application; and will thus be open to potential offers to be made by Jacca. As of the moment Jacca application is downloaded, no User may object to access by Jacca. Frequency and manner of access is designated by Jacca only.


7-  Users may be asked, through Jacca platform, secret questions about service provision, personnel, service location etc. as frequently as designated by Jacca. Users will be at liberty to take part in secret question practices.


8-  If desired, Jacca may set scoring and/or evaluating limit/quota for Users. It can access Users that remain below any given limit or quota, and freeze their account when deemed required.


9-  Jacca is authorised to freeze accounts of Users that misuse the platform and is likely to damage Jacca and the third parties for an indefinite time. For the avoidance of doubt, Jacca will not be responsible for or accountable to damages Users may bring on third parties.


10-  Jacca will not ask for a fee for User accounts.


11-  Jacca is solely authorised to designate whether User will be asked to comment on service quality and level of satisfaction apart from scoring.


12-  Jacca may make alterations on the platform or additions on the application, and take ads for forms that will be appearing on User accounts. Jacca is solely authorised to add improvements to the application or to restrict its scope.


13-  Jacca is authorised to freeze account of Users that malevolently use the platform with an intention of damaging or otherwise hurting others though seemingly complying with the terms of use (i.e. giving poor or very high scores to that one member most of the time, as the case may be, which would be against the normal course of events) for an indefinite time. In any such case User may claim no rights, receivables whatsoever, and Jacca reserves all other rights.


14-   Jacca will set forth the terms and principles of confidentiality, publicity by and between Users, members and stores.



Usage and Safety Rules


Jacca is available for any member. Services provided on the web site are free unless otherwise specified. Jacca administration may block access of a user under following conditions, and reserves its legal rights against person(s) involving in the following attempts:

1-   Recording incorrect, irregular, inaccurate and misleading data that contain expressions against code of ethics and contradict the laws of the Republic of Turkey;

2-   Copying Jacca content in part or in full without prior consent;

3-   User will be directly responsible for any and all damages arising out of or connected to disclosure of User name and surname and right of use allocated to or designated by users with the third parties or entities (making any such information available for use by others apart from the User. Also, User may neither make use of personal data belonging to other individuals such as their IP address, electronic mail address, User name on the internet nor have unauthorised access to or make use of other Users' private information. User will be deemed to have accepted any and all legal and penal obligations likely to arise out of this


4-   Using software, taking or intending to take actions, receiving, clearing, altering information in a way that threatens Jacca safety and blocks smooth operation of software.



Content Use


1-  Both visual and written content made available via Jacca is for personal use only. Jacca is the proprietor or license holder of and under legal protection for intellectual and industrial property rights for all domain names, logo, icons, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or machine readable technical data in addition to any other visual products and all materials inclusive of applicable method of marketing, business method and business model. Unless otherwise specified, none of them may be used for commercial or personal benefits in the absence of prior consent or without giving references. Broadcasting or otherwise publishing a component of this application on another medium or internet site is subject to Jacca's prior consent.


2-  Title to software used for Jacca electronic design and creating database belongs to Jacca. It is strictly forbidden to copy or use the software.


3-  Testimonials delivered to Jacca are specific to Jacca only and when required they may be used for marketing and promoting purposes by Jacca only.





1-  Information (credentials, visit time and duration, pages viewed) belonging to Users that download Jacca application is traced for offering better and more personalised services. Any such information is shared with outsourcing companies/stores for ads etc. in order to expand and improve contents provided always privacy statements are strictly followed. In addition to this, some complaints are instantly delivered to company/store executives with regards to information shared by User on Jacca Platform so as to enhance quality of service provision and fix a condition complained against by User. What is intended is to improve service provision of Jacca.


2-  Having filled out required parts for signing up and confirmed electronic mail address, Jacca User can start using Jacca by signing in with electronic mail address and password provided terms contained in this protocol are followed.


3-  When enjoying Jacca and related services thereof, User agrees and undertakes in advance that it shall comply with the provisions of Turkish Code of Obligations, Turkish Commercial Code, Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works, Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, related decree laws and legislative provisions in addition to all announcements, policies, notifications, contracts and amendments to be made or otherwise served in relation to Jacca services. Legal, penal and fiscal liabilities of all kinds arising out of or connected to any act(s) contrary to announced made and laws adopted shall rest with Jacca.


4-  Jacca User agree, acknowledges and declares that it shall not copy, reproduce, process, disseminate, make public, re-transmit products contained in Jacca; and shall comply with all liabilities, inclusive of legal and penal articles, within the framework of restrictions as per Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works Number 5846.


5-  If it is determined that User fails to comply with liabilities specified in this protocol or general terms designated by Jacca, Jacca may choose to block User from enjoying Jacca for a definite or an indefinite time, and/or to close User's account temporarily or permanently as the case may be. User shall also be held responsible for any and all damages likely to be incurred on other Users, members, companies and third parties because of User's failure to comply with liabilities specified in this protocol or general terms designated by Jacca. In such case, Jacca reserves rights against User.


6-  User is not allowed to act in a way that prevents or otherwise blocks other users and/or visitors from enjoying Jacca. Besides, no user is allowed to tie up/obstruct servers or database by uploading automatic programs; to have attempted manipulations. Otherwise User accepts and acknowledges that its membership will be terminated and it will be held responsible for any and all legal and penal liabilities connected therewith.


7-  Responsibility of getting a copy/backup out of messages and written notices exchanged with Jacca rests with the individuals. Jacca denies responsibility for lost, deleted or damaged message(s) due to no copies/backup extracted from them.


8-  User is not allowed to remove or otherwise delete notes of Copyrights, Trademark and Code of Intellectual and Artistic Works off from the materials copies or printed out from Jacca.  User agrees and undertakes that Jacca is the proprietor or license holder of the materials as well as the intellectual and industrial property rights relating thereto.


9-   User may cancel membership or delete account on Jacca.


10-  Jacca remains authorised to decide whether or not to erase any records associated witha User account having been terminated by Jacca or by User itself. User may make no claims or ask for no indemnities relating to erased records.


11-  Jacca may contain links or references to other internet sites that are not controlled by it. Jacca is, by no means, responsible for content of those web sites or other links they might have.

12-  Jacca reserves the right to make use of any and all information associated with User account for its marketing activities provided always it complies with terms of use, privacy policy and legislative regulation in effect.


13-  Jacca may designate different rules ad liabilities from time to time in relation to the use of the application. In such case User agrees and acknowledges in advance that it will comply with thus designated rules at all times.


14-  Read "Privacy Policy" for measures and general policies for the protection of Jacca users' personal data and privacy.

User agrees and acknowledges that it shall be deemed to have agreed with all terms and conditions specified in this protocol as of the moment it begins to enjoy service provision and that the protocol shall take effect and binding upon user. User further agrees and acknowledges that it shall indemnity damages Jacca may incur due to User's failure to comply with its contractual liabilities. Jacca reserves the right to have recourse to User for indemnities and/or administrative/judicial penalties it has to pay to public bodies and/or third parties due to User's failure to contract with the protocol.



Rights and Liabilities of Jacca


1-  Jacca agrees and undertakes that contractual services shall be made available and accessible to User except when technical failures occur; and that no information apart from personal data put into use by User shall be disclosed to third parties or entities unless required by law. If it is determined that User causes an electronic sabotage that interrupts Jacca operations, a set of profit-intervening attempts and/or attacks, or that a criminal complaint or an official investigation demand is filed against User by public authorities, then Jacca is entitled to inquire and announce identity information of that member.


2-  To safeguard sustainability of services undertaken, Jacca is entitled to make modifications on this protocol unilaterally without serving notice. Jacca is further entitled to discontinue service provision permanently or provisionally, modify or cancel service content any time unilaterally without any justification. User agrees with the cited entitlement. In case of modifications, Jacca shall publish updated terms of use after a new date update under identical application, and shall notify Users of the circumstance by e-mail if and when deemed required. Updated terms of use shall become valid and in effect as of the moment they are published by Jacca, hence using Jacca or its services shall be subject to updated terms of use since then.


Account of User that uses materials at Jacca that are not compatible with the contractual provisions may be unilaterally terminated by Jacca without any notification.









Jacca   Privacy Policy


This notice contains Privacy Policy of Jacca. This Privacy Policy sets forth how to use personal data of Users by Jacca. By signing this protocol or continuing to use the web site, you agree and acknowledge to apply following terms, conditions and requirements and/or the same shall be applicable to you. At the time of signing up and afterwards, Jacca asks for a set of personal data from Users. Users' personal data are protected and sustainability of privacy is safeguarded pursuant to Jacca's GDPR compliant Personal Data Protection Policy, which is a top priority for us, Jacca team. For this reason, information provided by Users shall not be used for a different purpose than explained on Terms of Use. Users are asked to give their contact details (name, surname, e-mail, phone numbers and mailing address) on sign-up forms, questionnaires, and contests on the system. Afore-cited personal data are used for products and service provision, to contact users/members/stores when performing marketing activities for products and services, to deliver user complaints and recommendations to the store and/or company representative, to update information, to manage and operate accounts, to come up with product and service suggestions that Users might find interesting and taking other similar actions on our behalf. You can e-mail us with questions, inquiries and recommendations relating to our Privacy Policy.


You can contact Jacca at:

Customer Services: info@jacca.com