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Insightful Customer Feedback Pouring In

As your customers use Jacca to provide their thoughts you will receive insightful, meaningful and measurable data about your business and the service you provide.

No More Unhappy Customers Leaving Premises

With instant detailed notifications your executives will be able to attend your customers right away solving problems within seconds. You will be able to recover poor service while customers are still here.

Strong Relationships With Loyal Customers and Improved Brand Recognition

While improving relationships with loyal customers on a personal level, you will be able to honor them on social channels to improve brand recognition.

High Performing Employees

Positive feedback will improve team motivation. Realization of the fact that all negative feedback are instantly seen by executives will improve the sense of responsibility.

Focus on Strengths and Weaknesses

Jacca will help you discover patterns on constantly occuring problems and their timing to focus and prevent them. Similarly you will be able to discover strengths and improve business in other branches and processes.

Consistent High Quality Service

Through periodic reports and analysis you will be able to consistently provide high quality service, safeguarding customer satisfaction.